The Prytanean Society is the oldest collegiate women's honorary society in the United States. The UC Berkeley chapter currently has around 35 active members who are all academically accomplished leaders passionate about community service and female empowerment.

We host a variety of events throughout the year, most notably community service activities and events with our extensive network of alumnae. 

Prytanean also grants awards to students and faculty every year, including the Prytanean Faculty Prize, Ritter Prize, Prytanean Prize, and Rowena Hamilton Award.

2017-2018 Officers



President: Casey Nolan

Year: 4th

Major: Molecular and Cell Biology, Science Education and Spanish Literature Minors



danielle pic.jpg

Vice President: Asli Akalin

Year: 3rd

Major: Economics and Computer Science, Minor in Chinese



Vice President: Isabella Blanco


Major: Political Science and Public Policy Minor




Treasurer: Danielle Chen

Year: 2nd

Major: Economics and Cognitive Science 



Secretary: Mei Leiritz

Year: 4th



Service Chair: Devyn Donahue 

Year: 2nd

Major: Applied Math, Data Science Minor

2016-17 Active Members

* Spring 2016 Initiates

  • Alexis Montoya*
  • Anastasia Dewar
  • Aneesha Lugani
  • Angela Dai
  • Briana Advani
  • Brilliant Hua
  • Brooke Banning
  • Caroline Thierry*
  • Casey Nolan
  • Clare O'Brien-Lambert
  • Crystal Lee
  • Elizabeth Harb
  • Emma Fine
  • Emma Fisher
  • Hayley Brower
  • Holly Wertman*
  • Jacqueline Young
  • Jennifer Hwang*
  • Kimberly Chen
  • Kylie Mulvaney
  • Magdalena Horvath
  • Mary Crownhart
  • Mehek Sethi
  • Michaela Gines*
  • Mihiri Karunaratne
  • Nanticha Lutt*
  • Natalie Chyba
  • Nazineen Kandahari*
  • Noama Iftekhar
  • Olivia Graves
  • Olivia Maigret*
  • Rachel Duncan
  • Sandra Liu*
  • Sarah Orpin
  • Sarah Whitelock
  • Shannon Meyer-Johanson
  • Shao-Jia Chang
  • Shivani Narang*
  • Tara Gamboa-Eastman